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Deep is the fen : Book 2 Hunger of thorns

Wilkinson, Lili, 1981-2024
Merry doesn't need a happily-ever-after. Her life in the charming, idyllic town of Candlecott is fine just as it is. Simple, happy, and with absolutely no magic. Magic only ever leads to trouble. But Merry's best friend, Teddy, is joining the Toadmen-a secret society who specialize in backward thinking and suspiciously supernatural traditions-and Merry is determined to stop him. Even if it means teaming up with the person she hates most: her academic archnemesis, Caraway Boswell, an ice-cold snob who hides his true face under a glamour. An ancient Toad ritual is being held in the sinister Deeping Fen, and if Merry doesn't rescue Teddy before it's finished, she'll lose him forever. But the Toadmen have been keeping dangerous secrets, and so has Caraway. The farther Merry travels into Deeping Fen's foul waters, the more she wonders if she's truly come to save her friend . . . or if she's walking straight into a trap. There's nothing the Toadmen love more than a damsel in distress...
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13-18 years old.
9781761066863 (pbk)
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